Felt Play Food

These are so fun to make and work great as a gift for a little sibling or cousin. 

What You Need:

– Colored Felt

– Tacky Glue 

– Needle and Thread

– Sewing Machine

To make a Pop Tart

Cut 2 3 by 4 1/2 piece of cream felt. Cut a smaller piece of felt with rounded edges for the frosting. For example pink=strawberry, brown=chocolate. With your needle and thread, put the frosting piece on top of one of the creme colored pieces. Start sewing up and down to make sprinkles. You can do multi colored, white or brown, your choice.When your finished with that put the front and back piece together with Tacky Glue. And you have a felt Pop Tart!


Cut a two inch strip of creme felt with zig zag scissors. Then cut it into two inch squares. Put a little bit of stuffing in the center of two squares and sew around the edges.



Cut two white blob shapes and one yellow circle for the yoke. Sew or glue the circle onto one of the blobs. Put some stuffing in between the to blobs and sew around the edges with white thread.


One comment

  1. Madison Meads · · Reply

    Thoughs are so cute!!


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