Fried Marbles

Why they crack: When you get the marbles really hot and dump them into super cold water  it causes a reaction that makes them crack.

                                                              What you need :

– Marbles

– Wire or necklace claw

– E 6000 which is glue

– A pie tin

Heat your oven to 500 degrees. Pour you Marbles into the pie pan. Next, put them in the oven for 20 min. While they are in. The oven fill a bowl with lots of ice cubes and water. Make sure that it is way cold or else the marbles won’t crack as much. When you timer goes off, take them out and pour them into the ice cold water . You’re getting the glass realize hot than freezing cold, which causes  a dramatic temperature change so they crack. You  may want to wear safety goggle for this part because there is a very slight chance that glass may get in your eyes, but we’ve never had it happen.  Watch them crack, pull them out and glue on what ever you are using to use as a claw thing to hang it from.

You can also make these into earrings.


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