Darling Wooden Clipboards

     What You Need: 

                                                                                 – A wooden clipboard

                                                                                – Paper

                                                                               – Ribbon

                                                                              – Screw driver

                                                                             – Paint brush

                                                                             – Modge Podge or Decoupous

                                                       – Fray Check( It’s stuff you put on the ends of ribbons so they don’t fray.)

First I unscrewed clip thing at the top. Next, with the paper upside down, I traced the board with a pencil and cut it out. Paint the Modge Podge all over the top of the clip board so it covers the whole surface area. Make sure you put on plenty!

Put a light coat over the back of the paper. Lay it down slowly and push your hand behind it to make sure you don’t get air bubbles. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes. If you do have air bubbles take a needle and carefully poke a hole to pop it. While you still have the clip off measure ribbons 5-8 inches long and Fray Check the edges. Put them through the hole of the clip and tie it. You can put as many of them as you like. Poke holes where the screw holes are and put the top back in. Then let all you friends see you wonderful new item you made!!


One comment

  1. Madison Meads · · Reply

    I’m going to try this someday when I can first I need to buy marbles! Can you come help me if I ever do it?


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