Melted Crayon Art

I saw this idea on another blog and I did it for my reflections project in 2011. I made it all the way to regional and it was like everyone’s favorite project. It looks great on our wall now and is such a good decoration in a playroom. Just so you know mine was about 16×20 in. and it took about 50 crayons.

What you need:

-A canvas( the bigger the more crayons you’ll need)

-Crayons( I used the same brand)

-Blow dryer or heat gun

– Hotglue gun

-News Paper

First glue all the crayons on to the top. I did them in color order. Set up lots of news paper around the area you are going to be blow drying it on. Then take your blow dryer and blow dry the crayons until they start to drip and melt. Just make sure that your blow dryer is facing downwards so it does not splatter all over everything. Just keep blow drying it until its how far down the canvas you want it. I got really cool mixes of colors and one looks like a heart. Let it dry for a while and hang it on your wall for everyone who comes to your house to enjoy you new work of art.


One comment

  1. Frannie Simpson · · Reply

    I tried this and it turned out okish… I didnt read the part about keeping the blow dryer face down so it splattered a little but other wise it was cute! Thanks groovy glue!


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