This is like the best website ever!! I found out about it at school because it is one of the approved websites that we play on and of all the websites we play it’s the best. One of the best things I like about it is that they get new games constantly and there is almost always a new game to try. To give you an idea of what I mean you go on vacation and come back and there is a bunch of new games to try.This is the link. Our favorite games are Color World, Ballon Tower Defence which I got to level 45 on and there are 50 levels, Papa’s Frezzierea, Shrink It, Duck (which I have finished several times),IQ Ball, and a ton of others. I hope you enjoy playing! :)



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  1. Charity · · Reply

    We just discovered this website this month too! My 5 year old boy likes to play The Sticky Ninja, Moooo!, and Fireboy and Water Girl. I’ve tried the Sugar Sugar, but even though it’s a simple game, it was kinda tricky for me….I like how the games encourage problem solving and leverage…I’m sure they’re teaching more than that but those were the first things I noticed.


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