Sticker Book For Collecting & Trading

So you go to the dentist, what do you get? A sticker. You go to the store, what do you get? A sticker. These are a great spot to put those stickers you get literally every where and put them to a good use. Sticker book trading is SO much fun and I hope you like it as much as I do!

What you need to make one is a 4×6 photo book ($1 store or grocery store item) and take out the decorative fronts and make your own cool front and back panels. For the back panels I used the same paper as I used for the fronts and I added a strip of the other paper or ribbon that I used on the front panel to the bottom. Here are some examples of some fun ones:This one I put the first letter of my name on it in ribbon. I also layered paper (if you can tell.) Sorry my pictures are crooked. This one I printed out the basketball on the internet, but you can also use fun scrap booking stickers. You can do fun stuff like sports,watermelons, cherries, flowers, ect. I also put a strip of ribbon at the bottom.This one just has a cute typed up front with a name on it which is basic and so cute. My mom has stickers from when she was little. She also bought a big bag of really old sticks from Saver’s thrift store. She lets us earn stickers from her or we trade with her sometimes.

Below is a picture of what the books look like plain so you know what to look for at the $ store. Usually they have beach or landscape pictures but if you look hard you might find something that has a cool picture you already like. Then all you would have to do is write your name across the front. There’s a picture at the bottom that shows the inside of mine full of stickers. You will fill it up fast. There are stickers all around and on everything waiting to be saved. I have friends and cousins who have made stickers books to and we love to get together and trade. It is fun to look through and remember who I traded or where the sticker came from.

Hope you like them!




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