Synged Tulle Flowers

These tulle flower are so cute and such a fun accessories to add to a bracelet, shirt, or what ever. They amazingly easy to make. :)

                                                                                             What You Need:

                                                                                     -Tulleing ( You can use orgonsa, too.)

                                                                                     – Candle

                                                                                     -Jewles or pearls to put in the center


                                                                                     – Thread that matches your tulling

                                                                                     -Something to put them on

                                                           First cut out 4-7 circles of tulling. You may want to cut extras incase you mess up.  After you have done that,  rotate each circle of tulleing about 2 inches away from the flame of your candle to synge the edges of the flowers.Once you have synged all of you pieces sew them together with a couple of stitches in the middle.

Then add jewels or sequence to the center and you have your finished product to add to a headband or hair clip. You can also add them to a bag or shirt for a fun embelishment.  This is a necklace that I made a while ago with orgonsa and tulling. Hope you like them! 


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