Button Rings

These button rings are so cute and easy to make! I hope you like making them!

What you need:

-Three coordinating buttons

-Pretty thick wire

– Needlenose pliers

-Something to shape it that is close to the size of your finger.(If you by chance have a ring shaper use that.)

First about cut a 5 to 6 inch, at the most, wire.

Then, twist it around what ever you are using to shape it. Just leave the ends sticking up. Don’t twist them together at the bottom.

Once you’ve done that put your buttons on the two wires sticking up and twist the wire like this.

When your finished with that you have your self a way stylish ring that everyone will love. I hope you enjoy making them!


One comment

  1. I’m going to have to make these and the button braclets so I have matching jewelry! Way cute!


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